About Us



To nurture young minds, to focus on their holistic development and to develop their moral, ethical, social and spiritual values so that each child may develop character and confidence.


PPS Lehra seeks to create a challenging yet conductive learning environment that inspires excellence and encourages high performance through engagement of various instructions that allow for individual difference and learning style.

Aims & Objective

PPS Lehra is devoted towards character building and all-round personality development covering areas of
  • Basic mental abilities and skills.
  • Competence for effective participation in day-to-day situation.
  • Physical growth and proficiency in games.
  • Establish good human relationships; imbibe virtues of moral courage.
  • Social adaptability.
  • Acquire economic understanding and efficiency in the management to expenditure.
  • Emotional independence.
  • Harmonious growth so that the child go through the ups and downs of life in an optimistic and determined manner.
  • Fluency and depth.